a deep dive into arizona politics, government and public policy


Welcome to our still-unnamed Substack covering Arizona politics, government and public policy. 

A bit of introduction is in order. 

We’re your hosts, Rachel Leingang and Hank Stephenson — two shit-stirring veteran local political reporters who have won a host of awards, separately and as a team, and have been recognized as among the state’s best journalists. 

Rachel has covered government, politics and higher education in Arizona since 2015, first at the Arizona Capitol Times, then The Arizona Republic. Hank has covered Arizona for national outlets like The New York Times and was most recently was editor and meme-maker at Yellow Sheet Report, a political tipsheet. He has covered Arizona politics and government since 2008. 


It’s an email platform that gave us a stack of money to try something new as part of its Substack Local initiative

Our pitch was simple: a product that will provide fun, accessible, aggressive accountability coverage of Arizona’s government, prioritizing those affected by politicians’ decisions. 

If you’re new to Arizona politics, we will catch you up on what matters, why you should care and what you can do about it. And if you’re already a political junkie, we still have plenty of new context and analysis to improve your understanding of the state’s landscape.

We don’t assume readers are experts on any given topic, but we assume they could be. And our newsletter is a tool to help them grow their expertise and involvement. 

Basically, we’re building an insider publication for the political outsider. 


We’re planning to launch sometime in July. 

In the next few weeks, we’ll be figuring out how to be independent journalists and putting together coverage plans. 

Eventually, we’ll have offerings for paid subscribers, too. 

You can sign up for the Substack now, and you’ll get our first newsletters right in your email inbox once we get started.